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DWC Pipes

Offering you a complete choice of products which include corfit dwc pipe, alcorr dwc pipe, d-rex dwc pipe and dwc perforated pipe.
  • Corfit DWC Pipe
  • Corfit DWC Pipe
  • Corfit DWC Pipe
  • Corfit DWC Pipe
Corfit DWC Pipe

Corfit DWC Pipe

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Product Brochure

Size/ Diameter200 mm
Pressure Rating/ PN ClassSN 4 and SN 8
Length of Pipe6 m
Usage/ApplicationFor Rain and Waste Infrastructure, etc
ColorOrange, Black, As per requirement
Section ShapeRound
IS CodeS 16098 (Part-2)
Outer Diameter100-1000 mm
Socket Length32-140 mm
Pipe MaterialHDPE
Pipe TypeDouble Wall Corrugated(DWC) Pipe
Model NameCorfit
Corfit DWC ( Double Wall Corrugated ) Pipes are manufactured using HDPE polymer. These pipes are resistant to various types of gases & chemicals which are generated due to putrification of various ingredients flowing in the system. Corfit DWC* Pipes are manufactured as per IS 16098 (Part-2), have a smooth internal surface and corrugated external surface. The corrugated external surface provides greater stiffness, withstands soil movement & takes higher loads (static & dynamic), whereas the internal surface helps in smooth flow of sewerage. Corfit DWC* Pipes are available in SN 4 and SN 8 stiffness classes with sizes from 100 mm to 1,000 mm ID. These pipes have a standard length of 6 metre and are available with rubber ring jointings.

ParametersDWC (HDPE Double-wall Corrugated) PipesRCC Pipes
Length of pipes available6.0 m2.0 - 2.5 m
Pipe diameters available100 - 1000 mm150 - 600 mm
Pipe material propertyFlexible pipeRigid pipe
Pipe design (structural
Due to its flexibility it allows deformation in diameter as well as in joints under external load and soil natural movement and hence operates years after years without affecting the environmentDue to its rigid nature it could not deform and hence gets damaged under external load or leaks due to natural soil movement at joint. Sewer water could also leach in ground water harming the environment
Pipe jointingSocket & Spigot joint with elastomeric sealing ring1. Coller joint with help of cement morter
2. Socket & Spigot joint with rubber ring and cement morter
Pipe weightVery lightHeavy (19-20 times heavy than DWC* pipes
Pipe roughness coefficient0.009 Much higher flow rate due to less roughness coefficient and hence during design, pipe diameter requirement is less as compared to concrete & DI pipes0.014 Lesser flow rate due to more roughness coefficient and hence during designing, pipe diameter requirement will be higher than DWC* pipe
Handling of pipeEasy due to its light weightDifficult due to its heavy weight
Corrosion resistanceHighly corrosion resistanceNot resistant to Hydrogen Sulfide gas which is present in all sewer pipes, hence Sulphate resistant cement is used during manufacture
InstallationGood flexibility, low requirements for foundation base for laying, good bendingHigh rigidity, high requirement for foundation base for laying, not easy to handle & bend, difficult to connect with other pipe
Pipe classStiffness class SN 4, SN 8 (Non-Internal Pressure Applications)NP 1, NP 2, NP 3, NP 4 (Non-Internal Pressure Applications)
Pipe stacking on siteStacked on plain ground. Smaller diameter pipes can be nested in bigger diameter pipesStacked on plain ground seperately. Can not be nested due to its heavy weight
Pipe handling on fieldLight weight hence safe in manual handling, has high impact resistance and is non-breakable due to miss handlingHeavy weight hence poor safety during handling, may lead to damage due to mishandling
Working featuresHigh safety under buried installationLow safety under burried installation
Life timeMore than 50 yearsAround 15-20 years

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  • Alcorr DWC Pipe
  • Alcorr DWC Pipe
  • Alcorr DWC Pipe
Alcorr DWC Pipe

Alcorr DWC Pipe

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Product Brochure

Size/ Diameter75 mm, Also available upto 1000 mm Inner Diameter
Length of Pipe6 m
Usage/ApplicationSewerage Projects, Domestic Chutes, Rainwater Drainage, etc
ShapeRound Section
BrandAlom Poly
IS CodeIS 16098 Part-2, IS14930
Model NameAlcorr
Pipe TypeDouble Wall Corrugated(DWC) Pipe
Outer Diameter90-1200 mm
Stiffness ClassSN4, SN8, SN16
Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) HDPE plastic pipes are used all over the world as a standard in efficient sewage and drainage systems since the last 40 years. , from ALOM, certified with IS 16098-2 is a pipe of the finest quality for non-pressure underground sewerage, drainage and cross drainage (pipe culvert) purposes.

These pipes will help municipalities, urban conglomerates and industries manage their waste water and rain water very efficiently. Such a system will not only protect the environment but also your investments. Once installed, the pipes are maintenance free and will lie underground for years.

Why  Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) ?

  • Environmentally safe
    No leaks, no cracks and no damage to environment and soil
  • Socio-environmental friendliness
    Pipe laying does not disturb urban clusters
  • Long Lasting
    Service life of over 100 years
  • Cost effective
    Uses minimal material for equal strength
  • Ease of Installation
    Uses fewer manpower and can be installed in very constrained
  • Chemical Resistance
    Chemically inert to waste water ingredients and ‘crown corrosion’
    is non-existent
  • Green piping material for environmental sustainability

Sl. No.Nominal Internal Diameter (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Stiffness ClassStandard length (m)
17590SN 46
2100120SN 4 and SN 86
3135160SN 4 and SN 86
4150180SN 4 and SN 86
5170200SN 4 and SN 86
6200238SN 4 and SN 86
7250295SN 4 and SN 86
8300345SN 4 and SN 86
9400480SN 4 and SN 86
10500580SN 4 and SN 86
11600715SN 4 and SN 86
12800955SN 4 and SN 86
1310001200SN 4 and SN 86

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  • D-Rex DWC Pipe
  • D-Rex DWC Pipe
  • D-Rex DWC Pipe
D-Rex DWC Pipe

D-Rex DWC Pipe

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Product Brochure

Size/ Diameter75mm, also available upto 600 mm Nominal Diameter
Length of Pipe6 m
Usage/ApplicationUnderground Drainage and Sewerage, etc
ShapeRound Section
ColorBlack, Brown, Orange, etc
IS CodeIS 16098 (Part 2),ISO 21138 (Part 3),BS EN 13476 (Part 3)
Model NameD-REX
Inner Diameter100-800 mm
D-Rex is an innovative product described as a structured wall piping system of PE/PP with smooth internal and corrugated (profiled) external surface. The corrugated (profiled) external surface of the D-Rex pipes gives the product excellent ring stiffness (load bearing capacity). Unlike plain pipes, D-Rex pipes do not deform under vehicular traffic load. Furthermore, since these pipes are moderately flexible, they can be aligned comfortably even in gradually bending paths.

The inner wall, which is fused with the outer wall, is smooth and facilitates laminar flow of liquids/slurry. This results in lesser possibilities of pipe clogging, deposition of debris in the pipe path etc.

D-Rex stands high as compared to the conventional options owing to its advantages and cost-economic viability, and is a popular product among the end users and contractors.

Why Astral D-Rex
  • Introduced D-Rex for the first time in India
    Astral has played a key role in introduction of a variety of new products in the Indian Piping Industry with the sole motive of encouraging the application of superior user friendly and economic solutions. Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) pipes have been introduced first in India by the company.

  • Highest number of Approvals
    D-Rex is approved in most of the Government and Private organisations for Sewerage application. 

  • State of the Art manufacturing
    Astral is equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities at Sangli, Sitarganj, Hosur and Ghiloth plants. High speed and accurate extruders and injection moulding machines including innovative manufacturing techniques being used to manufacture the ultra modern,errorless ASTRAL D-Rex pipes and fittings. The manufacturing systems installed at Astral are extremely advanced and based on state-of-the-art German equipment and extrusion process technology. 

  • Widest product range
    Astral has a wide variety of sizes ranging from 100 mm to 800 mm diameter, SN 4 & SN 8 stiffness classes. Hence you can meet any requirement with this widest range of DWC pipes.

  • Total backward integration
    All of Astrals DWC Pipes and Fittings are made from DWC Compound which is manufactured and controlled by Astral at every stage of the process. Also German corrugation technology provides highest stiffness to products. This backward integration helps us consistently maintain the highest quality for all pipes and fittings.

  •  Skill Development & training programme for installers
    Astral provides training to persons who install DWC pipes and fittings throughout the year by updating them about modern installation techniques and how to make installations more effectively and professionally.

Features and Components
  • Lower Mannings Roughness Co-efficient (n) (0.009)
  • Higher Hazen - Williams Co-efficient (C) (150)
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Chemically inert, and has excellent anti-corrosive properties, making it resistant to crown corrosion
  • Can be used in aggressive climatic conditions
  • Prohibits growth of biologicals on the inner surface
  • Profiled external surface supports better bonding with soil

Salient Features
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Light weight
  • D-Rex DWC Pipes are flexible and fatigue resistant
  • Simple to stack
  • Telescopic transportation without damages
  • Lesser manpower / labor requirement
  • No need of heavy machinery for conveyance

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  • DWC Perforated Pipe
  • DWC Perforated Pipe
  • DWC Perforated Pipe
DWC Perforated Pipe

DWC Perforated Pipe

Rs 380  / MeterGet Best Price

Product Brochure

Size/ Diameter125 mm Inner Diameter
Length of Pipe6 m
TypeDWC Perforated Pipe
Wall Thickness10-50 mm
ShapeRound Section
We are providing DWC Perforated Pipe to our customers providing  best quality to our customers at reasonable rates.

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